Crosspoint Community Church is led by a team of elders. We believe this is in harmony with the New Testament instructions regarding church leadership and that the church be led by a plurality of Biblically qualified elders. The Bible instructs the elders to oversee the church and care for the family of God. They are the primary group who are accountable for the overall health and effectiveness of the church. Ultimately, Jesus Christ is the head of the church, so the essence of the elders’ role is to seek His direction in overseeing and caring for His church.

We encourage you to read our brochure which explains further the role and structure of Biblical eldership and leadership at Crosspoint.  You might also find Alexander Strauch's The Biblical Eldership Booklet a great summary of the New Testament teaching on eldership.

If you have questions about the leadership structure at Crosspoint, we encourage you to talk to a member of the Elder Team (as shown in picture L-R):  Dave SteinbeckMike Troth, Dave WolfeBen Martin, Kent HinrichsenJoel Zehr, and Steven Sauder.