Culture is defined as a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization. Every local church has a unique culture. Sure there are similarities, and there should be among New Testament churches. But how would we describe the culture around Crosspoint?

Devoted to Jesus

Our foundation and authority is the Bible, the inspired, sufficient, true, relevant, living Word of God. We are centered on the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, which is of first importance. Jesus, our Chief Shepherd, is full of grace and truth, and so as a church, we seek to reflect and teach the fullness of both.

No one is beyond the saving and redeeming power of the Gospel. We never arrive in our walk with Christ. Instead, we pursue continual growth in Christ, taking next steps of obedience in our faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. Following Jesus is a way of life. It is full-time, and impacts every area and day of our lives. We follow Jesus together, alongside one another with grace-filled feet, because in Christ, we are family.

We pray because our God is all knowing and all powerful, and as a result, prayer changes things, including our own hearts. Our God is the epitome of generosity, and as God’s people, we pursue a life of faith-filled generosity.

Dedicated to One Another

We desire to build marriages and families to be centered on Christ and a light to the world, because ultimately marriage is a reflection of Jesus and His bride, the church. We must reach and prepare the next generation, because they are the church of today, not just tomorrow. Parents are the primary disciplemakers of the next generation, and the church comes alongside as disciplemaking partners.

The church is healthiest and most effective, when every member is doing their part and personally owning the ministry and mission. We are committed to humble and authentic servant leadership, following in the footsteps of Jesus. We keep our ministry model simple, being driven by relationships.

We keep it real. We’re authentic about who we are, who our God is, and His continued work in our lives. We’re not the perfect church. There is no such thing. But we know the One who is perfect, and we seek to become more like Him by His transforming grace, power and Word, pursuing spiritual growth in the context of disciplemaking community with one another.

Driven to Reach People

We believe nothing beats personal invitation. So we invite people to repent and believe in Jesus, attend, join, serve, give, and to live for Someone greater. Jesus commissioned us to go and make disciples. Therefore, we live this mission out not only on Sundays, but also at home, at work, at school, cross culturally, and to the ends of the earth, showing and telling of the Good News of Jesus. Because Jesus left the ninety-nine to reach the one, we reflect that same passion, continually looking outward pursuing the lost.

As God’s people we are called to walk and live by faith. So we’re ok with change, trying something new, and trusting in the God who knows and sees all. We pursue a Kingdom mindset that partners with other Bible believing, Christ-centered churches and ministries. In the end, our goal is not to bring Crosspoint glory, but God glory. We’re shining His light, expanding His Kingdom, and seeking to leave an eternal impact on our community and world.