Community groups

Crosspoint's Mission: We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus who live 3D together.  We live this mission out in all of life, and in the context of community with one another.


Devoted to Jesus

In Christ, we are learners.  Together, we are prayerfully and humbly seeking to apply the living and active truth of the Scriptures to our everyday lives.  We walk and live in the light of God’s grace and truth.  The group is a safe place to call home, and an environment where we can be authentic before our God and brothers and sisters in Christ.  By His grace, Spirit, and power, we are, together, growing up into Jesus who is the Head of His church.


Dedicated to One Another

In Christ, we are family.  There are over 50 “one another’s” in Scripture.  Love, care for, bear with, forgive, encourage, spur on…one another.  And by God’s good design, we get the gracious opportunity to live these one another’s out as fellow brothers and sisters in the Father’s family.  For He first loved us, so we might love one another. 


In Christ, we are servants.  Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.  We desire to adopt the attitude of Jesus in our daily way of life.  In community, we humbly and lovingly serve one another and those around us in the way of Jesus, reflecting and glorifying Him through our good works. 


Driven to Reach People

In Christ, we are missionaries.  Jesus commands us to go and make disciples.  In community, we are not just growing as disciples, but we are going as a disciples.  Together, empowered by His Spirit, we want to live as witnesses and ambassadors for Christ, showing and telling of His good news to those around us.  


Contact any of these leaders today and find out if their group might be a good fit for you/your schedule.  

If you need help in connecting to a group, contact Pastor Dave or complete this form online.