community Groups

Engagement in a Community Group is vital to the life of a Crosspointer. It is in these spaces, in homes, and midweek alongside a smaller gathering of people, that we study, we learn, we pray and we grow.  

Admittedly, this isn't an easy step for everyone.  But it IS an important one.  Contact any of these

leaders today and find out if their group might be a good fit for you/your schedule.  

Need help getting connected to a group?  Email Pastor Dave.  

Community groups

We were designed by God to live in Biblical community.  We follow Jesus together, alongside one another.  Our Community Groups are seeking to make an IMPACT.

I - In the Light

The culture of Gospel centered community is one where we walk and live in the light of God’s grace and truth.  The group is a safe place to call home, and an environment where we can be authentic and honest before our God and brothers and sisters in Christ.     


M - Multiplication

Jesus commands us to go and make disciples, who will go and make disciples, who will go…you get the point.  So in 3D Community, we are not just growing as a disciple, but we are going as a disciple.  Our prayer is that community groups might multiply and send out new groups, and in doing so, expand the Kingdom and the opportunity for others to discover 3D community.


P - Praying Together

In community, we not only gather to study the Word and build relationships, but to express our shared dependence on the Lord through prayer.  Prayer is not an afterthought, rather it is an opportunity for us to worship and seek God together.  Prayer is a practice that is weaved throughout life in community. 


A - Applying the Bible to Life

With the Bible as our foundation, in community we are learning together from it. We are wrestling with and seeking to apply Scripture’s truth to our everyday lives.  We go about learning with humble hearts, looking to sharpen one another in our faith.


C - Community of One Another’s

There are over 50 “one another’s” in Scripture.  Love, care for, bear with, forgive, encourage, spur on…one another.  Those “one another’s” can’t be practiced in isolation.  3D Community is mutual and shared. 


T - Time Together

A 3D Community group is intentional about making time to be together.  They set aside time in their calendars and make face to face relationship time a priority in their schedules.  They share meals and share life together in relationship.  


If you need help in connecting to a group, contact Pastor Dave or complete this form online to get connected to a group.  You were created for community!