Discover crosspoint

Since September 2016, we've been asking all current members of Crosspoint and anyone who is not a member, who desires membership, to go through Discover Crosspoint (our membership class).  

In the spring/summer of 2016, the elder team had come to the conviction that, as a church, we need to grow in learning what it looks like to live together as the family of God. We really sense that God is at work in great ways in our church, and we are excited to see us grow in our understanding of the New Testament teaching on life in the local church. We are excited see those who call Crosspoint home to declare “I’m In” as we commit ourselves afresh to the vision of being devoted to Jesus, dedicated to one another, and driven to reach people with the Good News!

We've had 153 people attend a class so far, and our desire is to try and catch all those who have been unable to attend a class thus far.  The challenge though is to try and find a date that would work for everyone.  So we've created an online version of the content, so that you can look at the material on your own, around your own schedule.  

Below is  a listing of that content.  The 55 minute video will walk you through the documents and next steps. We anticipate, it will take you about 75-90 minutes to review all the content and complete the action steps.  If you have any questions at all, please talk to a pastor or elder. 

Our desire and hope is that all those who call Crosspoint home will have gone through the material and completed the next steps by June 30, 2017.  Then in the next ministry year (September 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018), we'll be back in a 'normal' routine of Discover Crosspoint's just being for those who are new and/or not yet covenant members.